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Foreign currency exchange:
The minimum value for ordering foreign currency and traveller's cheques on-line is 50, the maximum order for foreign currency online transactions is 5,000.
In excess of 1.6 trillion U.S. dollars (American currency) are exchanged each day by banks and Foreign Exchange Brokers. Foreign Exchange is the settlement and arrangement of funds from countries around the world, through the buying and selling of money / foreign currencies.

There are two types of currency exchange rates:
A Buy Rate - when a Foreign Exchange broker is buying foreign currency
A Sell Rate - when a Foreign Exchange broker is selling foreign currency

Buying from banks and airports can be very expensive, check out our cheap currency rates and see how much you can save by buying your foreign currency online here!

You can buy foreign currency for your holiday money from Banks, street side Bureau de Change, Building Societies, Travel Agents and Foreign Exchange Bureaux often you will find that a commission is charged on currency purchases, and there is often an additional charge for foreign currency travellers cheques.

We process foreign exchange currency from as little as 50 pounds sterling and up to 5,000 of currency can be ordered online.

'Buy foreign currency' rate and 'Sell foreign currency' rates and what they mean!

Four foreign exchange rates are generally quoted, a buy and a sell rate for foreign currency (cash) and a 'buy ' and a 'sell' rate for traveller's cheques.

Banks will sell foreign currency or travellers cheques at the lower exchange rate, and buy them back at the higher exchange rate.

Other than commission, this difference between the buy and sell rate is how banks make money from foreign currency exchange.

There are many places offering online foreign currency exchange and foreign currency travellers cheques. We found that Onlinefx - who we use, the post office currency exchange, Travelex currency exchange and Xchange Business offer very cheap currency rates especially if you want to purchase a large sums of foreign currency.

We offer 0% commission and free delivery if you pay online with a debit card through Onlinefx - online foreign exchange. Order your foreign currency by 12:30pm and your currency can be delivered to your home or work before 5.30 p.m. the next day.

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